Fisherman Saves Shark

NBC News - Video: Lucas Seiler reports on man who swims, revives bull shark

By Lucas Seiler

It's a video gone viral on YouTube and it happened right here in Southwest Florida. 

In the video, you can see a fisherman jump in shark infested waters to help revive one of the world's deadliest sharks.

"He's circling around! He's good, he's good," screamed Austin Wholean, who captured the amateur video.

This is something you have to see to believe – a Charlotte County fisherman swimming out in open water with a 300 lb. bull shark.

"Way to go, bro!" shouted Austin.

Bull sharks are the deadliest and most likely to attack humans, but Orion Wholean didn't seem to care.

"Right along up there with ‘Gator Boys' style, ya know," laughed Orion.

Wholean, an avid angler, caught the shark during a catch-and-release trip off Gasparilla Island. 

"Now that's a catch and release!" yelled an onlooker.

"There were so many sharks it was like a feeding frenzy almost," said Orion.

After they threw the shark back into the Gulf of Mexico, it didn't swim right away and started sinking. That's when Orion jumped in and literally got on top of the bull shark's back to help revive it.

"I swam with it until it got some water in its gills," he said.

Orion posted the video on YouTube Tuesday night and it went viral. 

He didn't do anything against the law, but it's sparking some controversy about the practice.

"It did almost turn into a political debate," said Orion. "A lot of people are calling me and complaining about it. Others are thanking me for releasing it."